All the weather videos show details

    • WeatherFlash


      Short on time? We'll give you all the facts on the weather forecast for the next 24 hours in just a few seconds - including the UK and Ireland!

    • Flow


      The beautifully animated flow of air masses gives you a quick overview of the meteorological situation and temperatures over Europe.

    • UK weather

      UK weather

      Know all about the current weather situation in the UK and Ireland and about the forecast for the next days.

    • Weather Highlights

      Weather Highlights

      Get to see the hottest and coldest temperatures, the strongest storms, and other extremes of the last 24 hours. If you want to have your own weather station included, send a message to

    • Precipitation


      Animation of clouds and precipitation zones for the current and the next day over Europe.

    • Weekend Weather

      Weekend Weather

      What are your plans for next weekend? The special weekend forecast will guide you to the right decision.

    • WeatherTV Flumserberg

      WeatherTV Flumserberg

      WeatherTV Flumserberg - a modern service of the Mountain Railway Flumserberg in Switzerland. (

    • Europe


      Where's the most beautiful weather in Europe? What's the temperature of the seas and what UV index is to be expected? Overview of the European weather situation.